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Our Commitment Providing Nutrition Guidance For Your Health and Wellness

Ireti Aderonke Adegbite is a medical doctor with a masters degree in Medical Microbiology. She is also a healthy living ambassador, a globally certified health coach and a UK certified Nutritional Therapist. She is also a healthy living ambassador, a globally certified health coach, a UK certified Nutritional Therapist and a Plant-Forward Nutrition Specialist.

She is a member of the Society of Lifestyle Medicine of Nigeria (SOLONg). Her interest in nutrition was developed at an early stage in life. This advanced into a more passionate zeal when she was able to use nutritional and lifestyle interventions to reverse medical conditions which otherwise would have necessitated surgery. She has also been encouraged by the health changes in friends and others whom she has given nutritional and lifestyle advice to.

Her passion led to the founding of HELAM-Nature’s Gift, an evidence-based digital nutrition and lifestyle medicine practice where she can help people both at home and abroad live healthy lives through a personalized approach. She is also the co-owner of Organofoods RPN Company. She can be contacted via social media handles, emails and whatsapp…

Ireti Aderonke Adegbite

CEO & Founder Nouriv

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Health Coaching:

Receive expert guidance and support to achieve your wellness goals through personalized health coaching.

Pre-diabetes and Diabetes:

Comprehensive management and education for pre-diabetic and diabetic individuals to improve their health and well-being.

Nutrition Assessment:

Gain insight into your dietary habits and nutritional needs with a thorough assessment of your current eating patterns.

Analysis of Antioxidant Capacity:

Understand your body's antioxidant levels and their impact on your health with our advanced analysis.

Create Personalized Shopping List:

Get a tailored shopping list designed to help you make healthier food choices based on your specific dietary preferences and requirements.

Formulate Personalized Nutrition Programs:

Develop a customized nutrition plan that suits your unique goals and lifestyle, ensuring you receive the best possible guidance for your health journey.

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Over two billion people suffer from hidden hunger or micronutrient deficiencies.

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Approximately one in three adults worldwide is overweight or obese, contributing to a global health challenge.

$ 0 Billion

Obesity-related medical costs in the United States alone are estimated to be around $147 billion annually, highlighting the economic impact of poor nutrition and health choices.

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Each year, diabetes is responsible for around 4 million deaths worldwide. Complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, and blindness contribute to these fatalities.

Client Success Stories Inspiring Results

It actually got worse at a particular time, and I was weighing 107 kg until November last year. But I started instilling more discipline and following your guidelines, and I've reduced significantly now to 92 kg. As it's going, I'll achieve something like 80 before June.

    Sayid Saburi

    helamnature client

    Thank you so much for being a blessing to this generation. thank you for different healthy food choices you have helped me to achieve. Thank you for constantly reminding me to include fiber in almost all my meals and giving me tips onhow to always have vegetables in my kitchen and you know what "the body pains have reduced". I have come to appreciate your sayings eat your colors, let Food be your Medicine. Thank you for patiently listening to my complaints and advising i use food improve my health.

      Ruth Jahswill

      Helamnature client

      Dr, I appreciate you, Your recipe helped me loose 15kg. More Grace Ma

        Olajumoke Makinwa

        Helamnature client

        Thank you my doctor. I’m so happy. I followed the advice and tips you gave me and now my blood sugar has reduced now and it’s normal now along with the drugs I’m taking as against the high readings despite the use of my drugs.

          Funke Omole

          Helamnature client